Vote for My Unbounce Guest Post

Vote for My Unbounce Guest Post

I had the opportunity to guest post for Unbounce’s 2011 Conversion Fest Blogging Contest. My post is up against ones from several other smart experts in the industry. It’s a tough contest!

Mine is titled “How to Have a Gorgeous Website Design AND Great Conversion Rates at the Same Time“. Many people will tell you that you must have a plain and ugly site to get a good conversion rate. I say, “To heck with that, you can have it all!”

I’d very much appreciate if you’d visit and give me a vote if you find it useful. You can do that by giving a comment, tweeting it, or sharing it on facebook.

Here’s the link again.

Thank you!!

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My passion is helping organizations and small businesses fulfill their mission by connecting with their customers in a more meaningful way. I love to make and improve things. Cheese lover. Cilantro hater.

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