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How We Increased a Client’s Sales by 362%


Which is better? Quick wins or small, incremental gains?

When client’s hire us, they usually want to see quick wins. But, you will see in this case study how we helped British Bodybuilding increase their total sales by 362% in one year (with a downloadable pdf case study below).

Has your company made the same mistake? Continue reading to learn how a series of small improvements over time can permanently impact sales.

It’s all about the accumulation of improvements

When we take on a new client, one of the  things we do first is look at where we can get quick and high-impact gains. This is for two reasons. First, because it helps build momentum and gets everyone motivated. And secondly, because it allows the client to see something happening and feel confident that we’re bringing them in a good return on investment.

But, after that’s done, it’s all about how we can inch that needle upward.

What business wouldn’t like higher AND steadier sales?

British Bodybuilding is a long-time client of ours.  They have an e-commerce store that offers a carefully curated selection of bodybuilding and health supplements, exercise equipment, and clothing.

They originally approached us for the website construction and now they have entrusted us with their site maintenance and continual conversion optimization.

Here’s a graph of the sales for the first quarter last year vs. the first quarter this year. As you can see, except for one particular jump during one week last year, overall sales have been higher and steadier.

Of course, this site came with its own unique set of challenges like all businesses and sites tend to do.

Some of the challenges were:

  • Low traffic. While we could do some testing on some things, mainly we had to rely on carefully and smartly implementing changes to keep moving forward quickly.
  • unique value proposition: Visitors needed to know what made them better.

  • Fixing the speed issues. This included things like getting them onto a new dedicated host, upgrading Magento, etc.
  • Removing friction and obstacles where possible. Basically, moving out of the way so people could buy!
  • Providing more information: Informed customers make happy customers. We added extra information when we could to help make the decision to buy easier.
  • Increasing qualified traffic. We optimized several of the product pages to bring in more qualified search engine traffic to those pages.
  • Building Trust. Making sure small assurances were in place.
  • And more.

Interested in learning a bit more about what we did? Click here to download the case study (pdf) with more details about some of the changes we implemented.

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    1. That’s a great question, Brandon. We do have stats, but the increases are not much. Most customers buy one product at a time or in bulk. It’s funny you ask because that’s something we are shifting more focus toward now (increasing the average order size).

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